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POGR Custom WW2 Dark RP Server, come and join us!

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by JKony, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. JKony

    JKony New Member

    -- We are People of Gaming Reborn --

    |We are a new community that has relaunched with a classic concept. We dont want players to necessarily invest money in order to play without restrictions. No, we offer you realistic chances of reaching everything you want on the server, without having to spend hundreds of hours in order to play certain jobs or else |

    We offer you an exclusive and custom WW2 DarkRP server, based in a small city in Poland, Kielce.
    You will get into a stunning world of facist Germany.

    You have to decide. Help and support the German Reich or join the Resistance and try to overthrow the Government.

    For those who are in interested in neither of those activities, we got something for you as well!

    Grab your pickaxe, your factory, your ovens or whatever you may like and earn some money by producing!

    The Server offers a lot of features and is in constant development to make sure, we are up to date and have the latest content ready for you!

    Join now and get :

    - Limited Free VIP

    - 10.000RM Starting balance

    - Events with prizes ( includes Steam Gift cards and Discord Nitro as well as ingame currency )

    - Most importantly an awesome community !

    Staff Applications are still open - come and apply !

    If you're interested go join us @ :



    or ingame at :

    Kony from People of Gaming Reborn

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