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Release Police Radio

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by LordiAnders, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. .:RG:.ToXiC

    .:RG:.ToXiC New Member

    So what I have inside mine is:
    Code (Text):

    Some players are reporting that they are seeing black and purple while others aren't and yes the files are in a fast download.
  2. Mr.Dexter

    Mr.Dexter Member

    What would i change to make the key to enable / disable the radio to B.

    Suggestion: Add easy key config
    Suggestion: Add a mute button key
  3. M a t i a s ^^

    M a t i a s ^^ New Member

    [ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules/police_radio/sh_p_radio_config.lua:15: attempt to concatenate a nil value
    1. unknown - addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules/police_radio/sh_p_radio_config.lua:15
  4. McSniper

    McSniper New Member

    How can I fix the texture?
  5. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    I really don't know anymore...
  6. McSniper

    McSniper New Member

    Man please just put it on the workshop. I think you would do all of your fans a HUGE favor. Please. Don't let all that hard work you did go to waste!

    Please man... Help us...

    XD jk but seriously though add it to the workshop.
  7. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    Thats the problem... I dont want to upload anything to the workshop, unless it supports all gamemodes. Even content packs counts for this

    You can upload it yourself if you want, but im not going to. Sorry.
  8. McSniper

    McSniper New Member

    O: You will let me do that? Ok, but I will make sure to give ALL the credit to you. :3 I hope I do this corretly because I never uploaded anything to the workshop. Ill google how to do it lol.
  9. AustinH

    AustinH Member

    Send me a link.
  10. McSniper

    McSniper New Member

    Sadly I will not be posting it because i've never done it and it is too complicated. I simply turned off the hud instead of spending hours trying to figure it out.

    Sorry m8
  11. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    Use this [Link removed for now. Im tired of all those "sound guns", id rather want people to figure it the hard way. PM me if you want the link again]
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014
  12. McSniper

    McSniper New Member

    Hmm ok I'll take a look at it. Although I wont be able to do it until Wednesday because I have exams.
  13. Mr.Dexter

    Mr.Dexter Member

    I can upload to workshop if you would like me to.

    But first could some one please help em on how to change the key to "KEY_B"
  14. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    Where does the file go? I made a file called Police radio inside the Modules folder from the darkp modification and I extracted the content in there and nothing appears
  15. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    Read the instructions carefully, and look at the folders inside the .zip to get a idea where it should be extracted within the addon
  16. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    The main lua files I got it, and so the materials folder goes inside the second addons folder? That's the only place that has materials for addons

    Sorry If I'm a noob
  17. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    *sigh*... Both the materials and lua folders go in the modification add-on. Or you can just make your own add-on folder and extract both folders there, I really don't care
  18. Robbon

    Robbon New Member

    Hi! I am really enjoying the radio but the Textures for the on and off modes are missing textures. Is there any way of just having the Text and not the texture?
  19. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    I don't even remember... Once I get a chance to use my computer, I'll add it if there's no option
  20. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    Alright, just set Police_Radio_HUD_Enable to false in the settings file. Text should still appear, but picture wont

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