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Premium Gaming Hosting Service(s)

Discussion in 'Player General Chat' started by [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY, Aug 18, 2015.

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  1. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    "Hosting for the people."

    How do I know this is not a scam? We have serviced many customers over the previous months, and are not looking to scam anyone. We believe that our customers are our first priority, and we will ensure that we get whatever needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

    Where can I sign-up and apply for my server? Please click

    Important Links and IP'(s):

    Our Teamspeak Server:


    • Would I be able to add you on Steam for support with my game-server? We prefer that you use the support system instead, so we can have you implemented into the system, along with helping us to keep things professional.
    • Why are the prices low-cost? The price is low-cost because we want people to create fun game-servers that will last for a long amount of time.
    • What does my payment go towards? Your payment goes towards the upkeep of our Virtual Dedicated Server, along with our licensed store.
    • Help! I found someone who sells servers cheaper than you!! I'm going with them! Please remember that you pay for what you get. We offer high-class support, and effective game-servers.
    *The Premium Gaming Community will shut-down and suspend any server(s) hosted within our VDS that contain game-mode(s), script(s), game-modification(s), .etc that do not have the appropriate licenses for them.

    • Completely automated system. [​IMG]
    • Complete, custom server control panel. [​IMG]
    • Fast and Efficient Customer Support. [​IMG]
    • Low-Priced, But Effective Server(s). [​IMG]

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2015
  2. shameful

    shameful Member

    NOTE: Apparently, the website/host only went official 2 days ago, but that's not an excuse for being open to the public when there are so many missing features(not to mention the missing legal information). I've made some accusations in the following that are later proven false, so, grain of salt people.

    To be completely honest most people can figure out how to rent a VPS or a Dedicated Machine.
    From checking your site you only appear to offer one thing, as the rest are "Coming Soon"
    The worst part of your business model is the ever-classic "Restrict amount of players, please pay for more slots." You're not on some Garry's Mod General forum, you're on a DarkRP forum, a specific gamemode within a specific game. Every server is different, everything needs different specs. Speaking of, I dug as far as I could into the 'Shopping Cart' without paying, and found ZERO mentions of server specs.

    The only things that this service even offers for Garry'sMod that I can tell are:
    - cPanel
    - ulx, ulib and "so much more"

    How in all hell do you guys supposedly run a DarkRP server, while still not marketing towards DarkRP servers. At it's current stage, it's like someone tried to make a better "looking" version of NFOservers.

    Your "links" lead to nowhere, example:
    - About Us
    - Contact Us
    - Partners
    - Blog
    - Get Support
    - F.A.Q.
    - Network Status

    All of these lead nowhere.

    You have no Terms of Use, You have no Privacy Policy, You have no SLA Agreement. All of the -Social Media- links lead nowhere. No SSL Certificate when SELLING 'products'.
    Holy crap you might possibly be storing customer information in plaintext, but we won't know that because you have no Privacy Agreement. Holy shit just sell my information on AgoraMarketplace.


    It looks like a scam.

    If you're thinking about this service, I'd recommend you look elsewhere or learn how to host a server on a VPS yourself.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
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  3. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Clearly you can't tell the difference between a start-up hosting company, and one that has been up for a-while. I've been working on the website for quite some time now, and am continuing to work on it.





    If you're going to come on here and bash about someone's business that you know nothing about, and consider it a 'scam' due to us not having everything completed yet, for which I say we've only been up for a mere 'Two' days, I would at-least consider it from my point of view. Keep in mind that we are always looking to improve on our services, and we will use your feedback for further upgrading to our service.
  4. shameful

    shameful Member

    You didn't mention that you were a brand new host. I could have assumed you were around for years, and I had actually assumed you were around for at least a month.

    Perhaps I'm wrong on a few of the things I've said, perhaps you don't leave your customer information in plaintext. It's very possible that you're not a scammer and you're just some guy who made this in his spare time.
    but that doesn't matter.
    What matters most is that this service (as far as I can tell while looking through a " potential customers' " sight) is pointless, unless of course, I didn't know what I was doing in the first place, and that's what it looks like you're going for.

    You've disproved a few accusations I've made, and I'm wrong in those.
    That doesn't change that I'm right in other aspects.
    All of those, as far as I can tell, are true. If it's not then it'd be nice of you to touch on those subjects.
    As a personal question, as you lack a FAQ; How's the DDOS protection?

    Also, you might want to mention the fact that the site is newer than a few days. It gives you an 'excuse' for being so unfinished.

    Thanks for being semi-professional near the end, and if I were in your shoes, I would have done more with the site before throwing out an ad saying that we were ready for customers, because with people, come critics.
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  5. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    He probably bought this template from Themeforest.

    I agree with shameful here. I would rather have an almost finished website than a work in progress site. You lack information such as locations, price/slot, ddos protection, cpu specs (please tell me you run each individual game server on a separate core or have an i7 or xeon).

    Your site is looking lovely so far, but you should drop the prices a tad bit, as I know more reputable and cheaper hosts (I'm not going to name drop here). The cheapest price I could think of is 15$ for 32 slots with high quality support, multiple locations, ddos protection, and server hardware uses i7. Your prices on your game servers seem to be a bit pricey. Most startup companies sell their servers really cheap to get a reputation and reviews about their services. Your company doesn't have a reputation yet, so incoming costumers would hardly believe what you guys would say. I suggest offering a 7 or 14 day trial (if they are not satisfied), 100% money back, to guarantee customer's satisfaction. Do you own all your hardware? Are you a reseller? Most hosts I know that provide servers in Canada use OVH.

    Don't tell me you use NFO Servers... (VDS) <-- Don't flame me on this one, I don't know any other hosts that uses that term
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
  6. shameful

    shameful Member

    Seems they should know enough about them...by further digging through the "homepage" and getting the steam group, they put out an announcement that they're gonna host shit where I found "more information".

    Copied from here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pr...unity#announcements/detail/786229166057991138
    Hello everyone, I will be running a VDS service which will be available at an affordable price.

    Packages: $15.00 p/month for a server that goes up to 60 slots. (For 60+ slots, an additional fee of $4.50 will added.) An additional Higher CPU Priority will cost around $20.00 p/month for both the server, and the CPU Priority (We only recommend this option if you need the absolute best performance in your server) .

    How do I know this is not a scam? We have serviced many customers over the previous months, and are not looking to scam anyone. We believe that our customers are our first priority, and we will ensure that we get whatever needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

    Where can I sign-up and apply for my server? Please visitwww.premiumgamingcommunity.com/hosting , or visit here.

    Important Links and IP'(s):

    Our Forums

    Our Teamspeak Server: premiumgamingts.ts.nfoservers.com


    Would I be able to add you on Steam for support with my game-server? We prefer that you email us at [email protected] instead, so we can have you implemented into the system.
    Why is it so cheap? The price is cheap because we want people to create fun game-servers that will last for a long amount of time.
    What does my payment go towards? Your payment goes towards the upkeep of our Virtual Dedicated Server, along with our licensed store.

    *The Premium Gaming Community will shut-down and suspend any server(s) hosted within our VDS that contain game-mode(s), script(s), game-modification(s), .etc that do not have the appropriate licenses for them.


    Completely different price model than the actual site with the added bonus of lying about how much experience had.
    He's claimed the site has only been online for 2 days, yet again claim to have been doing this for months.
    I'm positive now that this guy's taking a lot of inspiration from NFO, which is -not- what they should be doing.

    Also, you didn't even write something original for the DarkRP forums, you swapped some words around but this thread is basically your "Announcement" on the steam group you run.


    ThemeMetro, turns out.
  7. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    This guy is a scammer tbh... I'm already done talking serious company stuff, he's trying to host game servers off of... NFO's VPS and over charging their prices... Bruh... At least get the dedicated server from NFO. Reselling NFO's vps its like, bruh. I'm done, with this guy.

    LMAO, I can start a hosting company by:
    whmcs license $15
    tcadmin license $15
    50-60$ dedicated server (i7 or xeon, ddos protection)
    lots of capital

    32 slots for $10; 48 slots for $15; 64 slots for $20 <-- Anybody dig? lol
  8. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Yep, I guess when you have previous and new customers, help them with everything they need, give them their game-servers, and do everything else a normal GSP would do, there are still /those/ who think that you scam people. Funny.

    We are a strong supporter of ScriptFodder, and will ad-here to the Terms Of Service listed within ScriptFodder, in-which we will not allow any leaked scripts, gamemodes, .etc. This includes Pulsar Effect Roleplay.

    Let's take a look at Nuclear Fallout Enterprises Game-Server Prices, and compare them with ours, Shall we?



    We run our server's on an Un-Managed Virtual Dedicated Server, Hosted by NFOServers.com. There are a ton of choices for customers like myself to choose from when they are looking to start a hosting company, and I went with NFO. When it comes down to it, It's all the same. The only difference is the name.

    No, I did not copy from the announcements. This thread was copied from my original thread at Cloud Sixteen's Forums, Here.

    Correct, This was the service I was running when I started out in the beginning. These prices were for NFO's Managed VDS, In-Which I used their panel, With their consent that it was allowed to do. In the beginning, I was simply just running some servers on my Managed VDS just for Cloud Sixteen Members, but then decided to expand further.

    We aren't selling NFO's VPS. As you can see on the website, the Full Machine is listed as; 'Coming Soon.', and the final price hasn't been decided yet. We will NOT be using NFO Servers to re-sell a VDS, But we will be using another hosting company to sell Full Machine's, somewhere in the coming months. As for Voice Servers, I am in the process of obtaining a license for Teamspeak 3, And am looking to use Mumble as-well.

    As for the DDoS Question, The capacity of DDoS protection depends on the type of attack, for instance, 100GBps might be able to protect against a particular kinda of attack, but 50Gbps of another type of attack might not be filterable, so a specific number cannot be applied to it (And any host that does this is only doing it as a marketing term).

    If you wish to have a free trial of the service to check it out, please notify me via the support ticket system.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
  9. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    That reply you just made... I... Just.. Can't... @shameful let him have it as that post just gave me... It makes me want to... I just can't... I have so many arguments but I just can't...

    Still gonna say this is a rip off regardless what you say. I know many things about hosting, if you're going to call me butthurt who knows nothing about hosting. What you are doing is basically scamming to my eyes
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2015
  10. shameful

    shameful Member

    I'm absolutely speechless at how much of a joke this guy is.
    I'm having trouble thing that anyone would be brainless enough to buy anything from him coming from this thread, but, okay just...ugh.

    What I find more funny, is that you think that dealing with "4 people/clients, officially" has made you incredibly experienced. Do you know what makes a good sample-size for basic surveys? 100, 200, maybe more if the survey is harder.
    4 Clients, FOUR CLIENTS DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN EXPERIENCED HOST. You are an amateur and a money-hungry fool.

    Well you should be, everyone /should/ be. Unfortunately that isn't the truth and the world isn't perfect. How exactly did you plan on enforcing this?
    Pulsar Effect? Fucking PERP? This is a DarkRP forum you twat what the hell are you on about? As well as, why did you mention it in the first place, so wait, is every other leaked script is allowed or do you take priority over other leaked scripts? Just like how you prioritize CPU usage too, right?

    Wait just a second. Okay, I had to actually think about why the hell someone would do this, but okay. You've rented a VPS, and are putting several VPSs on that VPS? I'm probably wrong on that, I'm VERY tired.
    If you're spending so much money then why the hell aren't you running this off a dedicated machine? NFO isn't very good.

    Ah, very well then, posting this on as many forums as you can think. Unfortunately for them, they haven't quite figured out that you're a joke.
    Ah they've made ClockworkRP haven't they? Hey, you know that's resource intensive right? Hey, you totally aren't just selling this stuff by player slot right?

    If you're looking of getting into the business of managing gameservers for people, maybe you should look into the legal aspect of it, if you had NFO's consent, go ahead, keep in mind that you expanded way to much in to little time with lack of knowledge.
    Hey by the way, VDS is a really stupid way of saying VPS, although it's okay, I'll be gentle on your sore self and translate it myself.

    You're using a VPS you've bought from them so yes, you are selling space on a VPS you've bought from them.
    Hey you learned your lesson about NFO (no you didn't), saying "Another hosting company" is incredibly vague and it seems that you haven't quite found it yet, that's normal. If that's so, why in all hell are you advertising that you'll be selling them? You have NOTHING lined up.
    TS3 vs. Mumble is a personal choice sure, but you'd be better off learning how to be a good host first.

    Fantastic job avoiding the question, but you've a big flaw.

    I would rather buy from NFO, which is the equivalent of selling my soul to the devil.
  11. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Haha, You are funny, Continue wasting your pointless time on replying on everything. You aren't a customer to a GSP, You are one who likes to criticize one if they don't wipe your ass for you.
  12. shameful

    shameful Member

    Whoa there, you should be less spicy.

    True, I'm not a customer to a gameserver provider.
    The steps taken to get a gameserver working on a VPS takes less than 15 minutes. SteamCMD is incredibly easy to use, and ULX is easy to install. (With plenty of free tutorials)
    If I were a customer I could be as selfish as I wanted. I can choose whether or not to buy from you, or the guy who's been around for more than a week. Since you offer very little for a large price, I'd probably go with someone else (or an alternative).

    All that you've done is add a hefty price tag to a VPS and something that takes less than 30 minutes, and that server that will probably run slower than all hell.

    As an added note, you're really coming off as unprofessional right now, even when faced with hurtful opinions on your business, you shouldn't respond like a baby who hasn't gotten his milk yet.
  13. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    I could honestly care less about how un-professional I am, considering how shitty you've been to me. My customers are my first priority, not those who like to complain that my prices are too high, considering that we have cheaper prices that NFOServers.com, and many other GSP's, along with the fact that we are offering 50% Off a purchase by using the code 'CLOUDSIXTEEN'.
  14. shameful

    shameful Member

    I've not been that shitty to you, I've been treating you exactly as I feel you should be. If you don't like it I could try and be nicer, but nice doesn't really work well with criticism.
    While I do bring up price a lot it's not because of how expensive it is, it's because you're not doing anything worth the money someone could potentially spend. You're charging a absurd amount for the work you're doing.
    Ah yes, changing the discount code to be cheaper.
    An hour ago it seems.
    You posted that to a different thread on a different forum an hour ago.

    For reference, here's the post date of THIS thread:
    and here's the original coupon:


    Are you taking advice from us lowly people and "lowering" your prices?
  15. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Silence is key. I told you that I improve upon criticism and ideas. ;)
  16. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    You were never "professional". You are comparing a VPS to a Gameserver okay dude... Cheaper prices? nah. Serenity, Nitrous, VPS from NFO themself, Elpis, and Daemon has better quality of service, servers, and reputation. What do you have to offer? "Customers first priority". What do you mean by this? When customers having lua problems, you be there for them? lol wtf? You are managing a VPS from NFO on their hard worked custom Control Panel, while you just stroll back, buy a tcadmin license, and let customers use that? All the work has been done for you which you participated 0%. You are in fact the last customer's priority. I would rather take Xenon Servers than your scamming business.
  17. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Darling, it's a VDS, not a VPS. And the scamming part, paha. That's classic. Let me know when you decide to open your thick skull to the fact that I don't scam, Capiche?
  18. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    You sir just won the internet, Get it through your thick ass skull, It's a VPS. The only difference unlike other VPS Providers, it dedicates its resources. Your knowledge of hosting is close to none. Don't act like you know your way around the hosting world. VDS or VPS, Why does it fucking matter when you are doing the same shit. I feel sad for how many people you manipulated into buying your scamming business. It's a shame people fall for this types of things.
  19. shameful

    shameful Member

    Are you giving me the cold shoulder? Honey, we talked about this. Don't be a sad baby.

    @viper542 All true, would much rather buy from Xenon than this lowlife.

    The only difference between a VDS and a VPS is that a VDS can't be oversold. A VPS can be oversold.

    That's it. Although hey, if you were buying from a good host anyway you wouldn't need to worry about such a thing.
    It's like comparing an orange to a tangerine, just say orange, nobody cares that the tangerine is smaller than the orange, they're basically the exact same thing.

    To be quite fair, when he showed us his "SuperAdmin" control panel somebody else made, he only had 4 clients. All from the forum he was already embedded into I could assume. All unfortunate souls who wanted something from someone they trusted, and in the end they only end up being scammed ;w; a sad world indeed.
  20. [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY

    [PG]-GOA. PT1LLY New Member

    Like I said, keep 'em coming. You're only wasting your time. :)
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