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Printers don't spawn when bought

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by Vyola, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Vyola

    Vyola New Member

    Hey guys, this is my first time trying to set up a DarkRP server so go easy on me.

    I'm trying to create custom printers. I just copied the printer file from the default DarkRP one and modified it to my liking using the DarkRP Modification tool.

    I also mounted it in entities and it appears in the spawn menu and everything.

    However, when I click on it to buy it, it takes my money, but doesn't spawn anything in. Can anyone tell me why this is?
  2. Either you don't have the entity put in correctly in the entities.lua file, or you haven't restarted your server since you added the entity.
  3. Vyola

    Vyola New Member

    I double checked both of those things and neither solved the problem. I'm using the code from the wiki for the entities.lua file.

    Edit: nevermind, turns out I had some code out of place.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2017

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