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Providence Gaming DarkRP & ZombieRP

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Zacara, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Zacara

    Zacara New Member

    Hello, my forum name is Zacara but my community name is "Warlock". I'm the Community Co-Owner to Providence Gaming and Head Developer. My Community has 2 Servers, a standard DarkRP with 100+ Addons, and a Zombie RP, with a storyline to it, the next paragraphs are below that will explain the servers. We are looking for staff to take part in both servers, "Server Enforcement Staff & Server Event Masters".

    Zombie Roleplay - A Survival like server, with event masters that will assist players in finding loot around the map. Follow the storyline given from the Eventmasters, find weapons/ammo/food/drinks/construction supplies. Build groups to find against the zombies, assist players, be a bandit group, steal/kill other players, you can even kidnap them if you so wish, you can also claim buildings for your own.
    -= Server Facts =-
    - Event Masters at times, will have loot already spawned.
    - Staff and EMs are looking for new Applicants.
    - Looking for people with a Creative mind, that wants to RP, and develop there character see fit.
    - Build Groups or even bases.
    - Raid other bases, and claim them as yours.
    - Be creative in the server.
    - Due to the storyline, the map does change every week, or month or so on.

    Dark RP - A modified version of the standard darkrp gamemode, nothing much to say about it, but it has rules and regulations that all players and staff have to abide by, most of the players will not do that, and will get warnings/strikes/suspensions or removals. We are getting a bid of addons worked out, but the server will have coinflip/casino/chess/checkers/wheel of forchant. All the fun addons.
    -= Server Facts =-
    - You will see a EM or 2, making a event for weapons or a free VIP. Doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes.
    - Staff are looking for new Applicants.
    - We have Cars, Exotic weaponary.
    - Weapons that can 1 tap people.
    - We play on the Evocity map.
    - Different things will come into play in the future.

    I hope I have interested you guys and gals. To come foward and check out my Community. Here is the Discord link if your Interested.


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