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QuantumRP FA:S2|M9K|FastDL|Wiremod|NiceStaff|Inventory

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Master David, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Master David

    Master David New Member

    Hello. I have my own DarkRP server. We have a nice community and friendly staff. Our server has many addons and custom jobs. It is up 24/7 and we update it regularly. We hope to see you all around. If you run into any bugs while playing or have a thought on how we can improve our server then visit our forums or feel free to email us.

    Server name: Quantum servers DarkRP |M9K|FastDL|CustomJobs|Wiremod|NiceStaff
    Connection info:
    Map: Custom RP map
    Forums: http://quantumservers.ca

    Here is a list of the jobs that our server has:
    -Mob boss
    - Gun dealer
    - Medic
    CUSTOM JOBS (More coming soon)
    - S.W.A.T
    - Fire Fighter
    - Farmer
    - Insurance guy
    - Pyro
    - Obama
    - Hitlet
    - Security guard
    - President
    - Police officer
    - Chief of police
    - Thief
    - Hitman
    - NEO soldier
    - Admin on duty (Admin only)

    Here is a list of addons that our server uses (More added every couple of days):
    - M9K weapons
    - TDM cars
    - FA:S2 weapons
    - Watch Dogs phone
    - Passenger mod
    - Vehicle damage mod
    - Itemstore inventory system
    - Stacker STool
    - Textscreens
    - Advanced duplicator
    - Wiremod
    - Fading doors
    - Moneypot
    - Precision tool
    - Razor Sharps upgradable money printers
    - TCB HUD V1
    - ULX Admin Mod. (Admin only)
    - NPC Car Dealer (Not selling many cars yet but more coming soon)

    We hope to see you all on our server. If you would like to become an Admin on our server then please apply on our forums. Thankyou for reading.

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