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[Question]Where to find etc.

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by UnknownRaz, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. UnknownRaz

    UnknownRaz Member

    so at the moment i have a darkrp server however i wish to open more then one server but i'm a bit busy to handle more then one at the moment that's why i have an offer to people that don't have the money to get a host and so on.

    If anyone is experienced in making a game server such as arma 3/Ark Survival Evolved/Rust or even another gmod gamemode[not darkrp] any game really. , and you wish to be the owner of you're own server. i am willing to let you be the owner of the server and i will not get involved you can run it however you like as long you meet my 2 conditions which are
    1. Players
    2. Donations
    As long as you're able to get these then feel free to post your discord and i will add you regarding this matter.

    Also my real question was where can i find people for this exactly? i'm hoping someone can give me a few other websites where i can post this because i'm still looking for someone.

    Please note any arguing/questions regarding this matter you will have to add me on discord because i won't be answering any questions here.

    Pm me your discord info or post it.

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