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Redesigning The Lawboard

Discussion in 'DarkRP Features and Code Design' started by [TNet] Chadness Everdeen, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Hey,
    After making a HUD for DarkRP i wanted to reskin the law board to fit my HUD's aesthetic.
    So i looked around to do it but i have concluded that i would have to edit lawboard itself and i think it would be cool to have a hook that can be used to gather the entity name for the lawboard which is spawned when using the default lawboard command.

    This would enable HUD developers fit everything into their design.
    I am thinking of making a shoddy one for now to see what can be accomplished, i'd like to hear about your opinion!

    Chad Masters
  2. Matrix 2

    Matrix 2 Member

    I would love a new design to the Laws Board as atm it just looks really crappy.
  3. Unfortunately without making the hook and merging it with the main DarkRP version and expecting people to update, it wouldn't be possible! The only time its possible is if FPtje pushes an update to DarkRP to allow us as devs to change the entities that is spawned so that we can create our own entities and designs etc...

    The same goes for the hitman text when hovering over a hitman. You cannot hide the hitman text on the player's HUD specifically which is kinda frustrating for me as i am trying to push out an update for my DarkRP HUD which changes the hitman HUD and there isn't a way to easily disable it. The only other way to disable it is to go into the text config files for darkrp in the modification addon and remove the text which is frustrating and would mean that they must have the modification mod and that they know what they're doing. Some aren't as good with gmod servers / are new and it could cause me to be sitting in my support ticket area fixing it for people.
  4. anathemA

    anathemA New Member

    if GM.Config then
    GM.Config.hitmanText = ""
    Can you not insert that into addon/lua/autorun/somename.lua
  5. Yeah but that doesn't go for the fact that the HUD itself is still blocked. You can override the function with your own public version but thats not to say that the DarkRP modification addon will do the same!

    Edit: After trying to do so, i found that by the time my HUD loads, the table isn't loaded and returns nil. You could most likely do it as a module but that would mean that they had to have the DarkRP modification addon. Lets be real its a necessity and everyone has it but those 10 year olds who would cause issues for me.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
  6. anathemA

    anathemA New Member

  7. #Necro

    A timer that overrides it would most likely be annoying and also would take a toll on the server's performance!
  8. fruitwasp

    fruitwasp New Member

  9. Fair enough!
    Does anyone know how to override the DarkRP door menu. I've already done the one when you hover over the door but the button menu when you own it.

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