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[Release Soon] Exodus Roleplay

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by [L²:RP] Vimpto, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. [L²:RP] Vimpto

    [L²:RP] Vimpto New Member

    What is Exodus?
    Exodus is a Semi-Serious Roleplay server aimed to bring mature players wanting a more realistic expirence.
    Our jobs are aimed to have some roleplay to them, not jobs like Fat man Joe who spawns with 20 AK 47's and can shoot everyone he sees and have noclip. We have jobs like President, Vice President, Security Guard, Don Corleone, Corleone, Taxi Driver, Paramedic, Fireman etc.
    Our admins are specially trained to handle situations and not to be to picky, minor rule breakages aslong as they are not often are completely fine unlike on most DarkRP servers you won't be banned.

    What makes us unique?
    Here at Exodus we have a team of great Developers working to bring some custom content, we are not the average server that is 100% gmodstore, we have some custom stuff in our server aswell. We also have unique ways of punishing people such as blacklists. If someone is prop pushing they can have there prop, physgun and toolgun (pte) access taken from them for a certain amount of time. This means you don't have to be banned as banning people just loses players.
    We also do not let people apply for staff, anyone can make themself look good in writing. We have a fully thought proccess of who we choose for staff. It is upto the Super Admins and myself as to who will become admin. It is discussed with the staff team aswell so you won't find any 3year old admins.

    When do you release then, and why should I join?
    Well, our release is hopefully tommorow, after a month and a half of development work to provide you with the best expirence. Anyone who joins within the first three days of launch will recieve a free donator status for 90days. We are not greedy for money so we do not have all the 'Gold VIP' 'Monster VIP' ranks, we just have the one 'Donator' rank that is a small 5pounds. We also do not hide alot of things behind a donation wall, just the SWAT jobs, some special channels for sneak peaks and some special rank ingame on the forums (http://exodusroleplay.org/) and discord (https://discord.gg/CR95GX8).

    Screenshots of our heavily customized, sexy server guard!

    Whats a roleplay point?

    A roleplay point is a unique way of rewarding players for doing good roleplay and using /me in detailed ways. This allows them to get unique models that players with no RPPs can get. They are hard to get but are worth the RP, usually rewarded for good passive RP like gun shops, fireman rp but also rewarded for good aggressive RP.

    Whats that help thing?
    No, it is not a way of asking for admin assistance, rather asking a question about the gamemode or servers. Lets say you wanted to know how to open the menu to switch jobs and buy weapons etc you could type !help How do I open the menu? A staff member should soon reply with the respond command saying something like 'Press F4'. It is the normal @ for an admin.

    I've a question
    Ok! Contact me in private or post it down below and i'll answer it as soon as I see it!

    Hope to see you join, vimpto!
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 29, 2018 ---
    Officially open! uk-23.kryptonnetworks.co.uk:27045
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018

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