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Release Revert Advert

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by andreblue, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

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  2. cj2tech

    cj2tech Member

    nice script...why 30 for timer.simple. And [Advert] before players name isn't yellow.
  3. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    Have to wait for darkrp to finish its init stage, and the colors are exactly the same as when it was pulled from darkrp's code.
  4. cj2tech

    cj2tech Member

    Ya but have you tested it is didn't work when it was set to 30 o changes it to three. And yes you used the origami code but it doesn't do what it used to.
  5. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    what is so wrong with 30 seconds? Its about the time it takes a normal server to start along with the fact it takes more then 30 seconds before a client has fully joined anyways on most dark rp servers.
    The advert function is the exact same from the commit he removed it in.
    https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/com...7ac#diff-5c6709d21183005a99fd278ec4a5b508L107 is the commit, linked at the original function that was removed.
  6. cj2tech

    cj2tech Member

    It's to long considering it takes less then 5 seconds for new gmod server with just darkrp and ulx to start completely.
    And the old advert system would put the [advert] before the players name was yellow instead of the team color.
  7. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    its has always been the team color for the longest time.
  8. cj2tech

    cj2tech Member

    Omg I'm so dumb..... That's my chatboxaddon that dose that your right my bad.
  9. Seems to work.
  10. Mika32

    Mika32 New Member

    I'll try it thank you !
  11. BabyHasBigFists

    BabyHasBigFists New Member

    help.... whenever i advert something it isnt yellow and it dosent have a tag
    its just
    "[Superadmin] Throttle: sdf"
    is it because I'm using ulx for whitlisting?

    edit: people can see it

    another edit: it also does the same thing for ooc, it dosen't have the tag saying its ooc
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  12. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    If an addon is messing with DarkRP.talkToPerson function or if you are using a different chat box, could cause that.

    I tested it with the latest darkrp and darkrp-mod and i get:
  13. (FR) Rayane

    (FR) Rayane New Member

    Merci pour tes addon tu gere
  14. ‡[NWA]‡ k2nod

    ‡[NWA]‡ k2nod New Member

    Works perfectly thanks man! Great script!
  15. Dann007

    Dann007 New Member

    where do I put it again?
  16. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

  17. Fillipuster

    Fillipuster Member

    Why not use this hook or this hook?
  18. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    Forgot about it. Added it.
  19. |DC| Drewbie

    |DC| Drewbie New Member

    This did not work for me :/
  20. andreblue

    andreblue New Member

    Welp, the darkrp loaded hook is being wonky. Edited back to a timer for the moment.

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