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[Semi-Serious]Gang-Life RP [Voice-Chat Disabled]

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by [FL:RP] HodasBoyZ, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Hey,

    I'd like to introduce a roleplay server that is focusing on Gang-life, there will be many gangs and they can fight against each others. There won't be police in town to stop them but still we have some solid rules to keep RDMing and non-RP reason killing away. You can do drugs, print money, get one district as a gang and ask for safety money from civilians living in it.

    Gang-Life RP - What do we have?
    • To start off with weapons, we don't use FA:S or M9K at all. Our primary weapons are from TFA weapon packs.
    • You can cook drugs, Print money soon there will be secondary way to grow weed and actually smoke it with pot.
    • There are Gang organizations that can have members up to 20 when max upgraded.
    • Houses can be properly owned and CO-owners are very easy to add (One way to all doors).
    • Robbable bank which can be robbed only with events.
    • Inventory to save items over disconnects.
    • Closet to change bodyparts with some playermodels.
    • Gang war events.
    • Casino to spend all your money.

    Other Information

    We don't have many jobs to choose from, mainly one is supposed to be used and it's called Custom job. You are supposed to change that job name in to your Gang name.

    We are in need of staff right now as we are very new server. How ever we are not taking anyone. You will have to apply in-game.

    Here's little showcase trailer we did:

    If you want to join us use this in dev console:
    connect uk-src3.serenityservers.net:27055

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