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Server Is Lagging & Console Spamming

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by CQBgamer, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. CQBgamer

    CQBgamer New Member

    So this is getting spammed in my console
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:22 2017] nil
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:23 2017] nil
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:23 2017] nil
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:24 2017] nil
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:27 2017] nil
    [Mon Oct 9 18:27:35 2017] nil

    and im not sure if that is whats causing my server to lag or not, but nothing else is happening that would cause lag, no prop spam or anything like that.
  2. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    First of all, how many addons do you currently have?

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