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SKRUB RP - just another Dark Rp server [Custom mods made by our developer]

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by 1Gamergasm, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. 1Gamergasm

    1Gamergasm New Member

    Welcome to Skrub RP

    We aim to provide a fun, semi-serious RP experience with mature players.

    On this server we try to provide the tools to build cool bases and shops, without all the crap that a lot of other servers make you download.

    Advanced Duplicator and E2 are automatically unlocked for trusted players, and no jobs or entities are kept behind a 'donation' paywall.

    We try to take a more hands-off approach to moderating, so you will spend less time sat in an admin sit, and more time having fun playing.

    We have systems in place to automatically deal with the usual mingery, such as propkilling and server crashing, without negatively impacting the experience for normal players. (No APAnti ghosting your props as you try to build.)

    You will find all the usual stuff you have come to expect from DarkRP servers, such as M9k and Wiremod - but we also have several completely custom made addons such as plant farming, a crafting system, an electricity network, events, and more!

    We also have a completely custom moderation toolkit, so our staff (All 18+) can quickly and efficiently handle any staff requests.

    (And no fucking loading screen music.)

    If any of that sounds good to you then feel free to join us at:

    Or click this link to join automagically!

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