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Sound Emitters that start when map starts

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by Trinity, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Trinity

    Trinity Member

    I've never made a mod or addon in my life, however, I feel like something like this would be a good first step to creating my first addon. I would like to create a sound emitter entity or tool that I can permaprop to the map and it will start it's sound effect/music when people load into the server, and if the server is reset the sound starts again when the server starts.

    Can anyone guide me on the right track?
  2. Frozen Banana

    Frozen Banana Member

    I'd say learning to code is the first steps you should before anything else but it could also be made very simple if you try hard enough. You could just make so a sound/song is played clientsided when a player has joined but what are you trying to make if I may ask?
  3. Trinity

    Trinity Member

    Something spawnable. Basically, I spawn a sound emitter and I can change the sound it emits. However, I would like to permaprop the sound entity and have it play when the server starts. I've tried another addon but it won't allow for playback when permaprop'd.

    I have the fundamentals of code down. I know what functions do and how to create them, I know if and then statements, I know about exit methods, and how to correct most lua errors. So I feel I have a good enough understanding of code to actually create my first addon/script complete with models and sounds as well as customizable behavior. If that helps any.
  4. Frozen Banana

    Frozen Banana Member

    Hmm. Just make a timer and fit it when people join the server after restart basically. pretty hard to make it perfect but it would be easier to play it through the client when they join to be honest. best way to make something is trying yourself. Best way to learn and make things done the way you want it :) Good luck

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