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Release Stove - A stove for DarkRP - Created by Zignd

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by Zignd, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Zignd

    Zignd Member

    This addon makes use of DarkRP's hurgermod module, so make sure to activate on lua/darkrp_config/disabled_defaults.lua in your DarkRP Modification addon folder.


    - Integration with DarkRP's hurgermod module
    - The foods you add with it can be used as recipes and ingredients in the stove
    - Recipes and ingredients creation in the same style you add jobs
    - Menu with the current amount of ingredients for each recipe
    - Drop-to-add, drop the ingredient over the stove the add it to the list.




    How to install (this text is contained in the STOVE_HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt file inside the addon .zip):
    1. In the folder that contains this file you should see another one called "lua", copy/cut/drag this "lua" folder into your DarkRP Modification addon folder.
    2. To add new recipes and ingredients to it go to lua/entities/stove/customization.lua inside your DarkRP Modification addon folder after performing the step 1.
    3. To add it to your Cook job or the job that will be allowed to use it, go to lua/darkrp_customthings/entities.lua and add a new entity called "stove".
    3.1 If you don't know how to do that, here is an example:
    Code (Text):
    DarkRP.createEntity("Stove", {

        ent = "stove",
        model = "models/props_c17/furnitureStove001a.mdl",
        price = 400,
        max = 1,
        cmd = "buystove",
        allowed = TEAM_COOK
    How to add new recipes and ingredients:
    New recipes and ingredients are added on the lua/entities/stove/customization.lua file in your DarkRP Modification addon after installing the Stove addon as explained above, for better presentation of the addon, I will include the customization.lua file content here as it's commentaries will help you understand how to add new stuff.

    Code (Text):

        This is the customization file, the only file you should edit.

        The recipe and ingredient name should be valid foods created with the hungermod DarkRP.createFood function,
        go to darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_customthings/food.lua for more information on that.

        REMEMBER: The ingredients used on a recipe should be defined.

    -- How long it will take to spawn the food over the stove after clicking the button
    Stove.SpawnDelay = 5

    -- Ingredients
    DarkRP.createStoveIngredient("Pop can")
    DarkRP.createStoveIngredient("Plastic bottle")
    DarkRP.createStoveIngredient("Glass bottle")

    -- Recipes
    DarkRP.createStoveRecipe("Melon", {
        ["Pop can"] = 1

    DarkRP.createStoveRecipe("Bunch of bananas", {
        ["Banana"] = 6

    DarkRP.createStoveRecipe("Milk", {
        ["Plastic bottle"] = 2,
        ["Glass bottle"] = 1

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2014
  2. nzkfc

    nzkfc Member

    Any benefit at the end?

    Got some screenshots?
  3. Zignd

    Zignd Member

    I will the take the screen shoots again, I think I deleted them from the post last time I edited it.
    About its benefits check the Features section. It also can improve your role play in the Cook job.
  4. nzkfc

    nzkfc Member

    Nice work, looks good.

    Is there a way to make a small bit of smoke rather then sparks?

    Also I assume this can spawn in entitiy to support food entities?
  5. Finn

    Finn New Member

    hey i followed your instructions but it wont spawn when i click it
  6. Hoodlook

    Hoodlook Member

    Looks great, a strong suggestion: you should implement or link to a module/plugin for random spawning of props around the map so that players can scavenge around for ingredients.
  7. M a t i a s ^^

    M a t i a s ^^ New Member

    [ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification/lua/entities/stove/cl_init.lua:123: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    1. pairs - [C]:-1
    2. func - addons/darkrpmodification/lua/entities/stove/cl_init.lua:123
    3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/net.lua:32
  8. Hoodlook

    Hoodlook Member

    Tried using it, can't seem to figure out how to actually add the ingredients into the stove. Tried grav gunning, use-grabbing, and physgunning props and still to no avail. OP help??
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2014
  9. zatos

    zatos New Member

    Man there is something i can do if i wanna make the chef using the stove spawning only food (maybe removing some money) without recipe needed?
  10. Daze

    Daze New Member

    Very interesting concept! Do you think it could be possible to change it a bit to include other ways of crafting than just cooking? For example making weapons at a forge on a medieval RP server, etc? I haven't seen anything like that really done before.
  11. Zignd

    Zignd Member

    Yeah, I think it's possible, but you would need to change how the final product is created.
  12. Daze

    Daze New Member

    Hm, would that be hard? My lua skills aren't exactly great.
  13. Zignd

    Zignd Member

    I'd say it's a bit complicated. But there's quiet some time that I don't write a single line of code in Lua, if it wasn't I could try to help you with that.
  14. MaamsOu.93

    MaamsOu.93 New Member

    My fucking god thanks you !!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 2, 2016 ---
    How to add Food Mod 2 Please ?
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
  15. Mrtonchor

    Mrtonchor New Member

    [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua:297: Entity 'stove' does not exist or is not valid.
    1. error - [C]:-1
    2. defaultSpawn - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua:297
    3. callback - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua:357
    4. callback - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/modules/chat/sv_chat.lua:17
    5. unknown - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/modules/chat/sv_chat.lua:255
    6. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
  16. benji2675

    benji2675 New Member

    How to add Food Mod 2 Please ?
  17. Afireal

    Afireal New Member

    I can't eat created food.
    [DarkRP] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/entities/spawned_food/init.lua:27: attempt to index field 'foodItem' (a nil value)
    1. unknown - gamemodes/darkrp/entities/entities/spawned_food/init.lua:27
    TheMikirog likes this.
  18. TheMikirog

    TheMikirog New Member

    I can confirm.
    You cannot eat produced food. It works fine if spawned from the F4 menu but not if it comes from the stove.
  19. davidmac20

    davidmac20 New Member

    When i add the addon i can buy the oven but not the food.

    Edit: nvm i forgot to drag the LUA to folder
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 26, 2019 ---
    okay so i dragged it to the LUA folder and did all of the over stuff i can buy the stove but how to get the food?
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 29, 2019 ---
    okay nevermind its fixed!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019

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