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Release Surrender

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by LordiAnders, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

  2. Barney Calhoun

    Barney Calhoun New Member

    when someone is tied down, its impossible to kill him ? is there a config for this ?
  3. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    Sorry, the way tied people are currently handled, it's not possible. You can still kill people who are surrendering, just not people that are tied.
  4. Zack 2

    Zack 2 New Member

    Still not possible to change the surrender key? (CTRL+SHIFT+E)

    Nvm did this and it worked
    hook.Add("ShowTeam", "Surrender_Confirm_Dialog", Surrender_Confirm_Dialog)
  5. LordiAnders

    LordiAnders Active Member

    No, but you could always create bind to the surrender_surrender command as an alternative.
  6. dj-34

    dj-34 New Member

    how can i make sounds for shouts?
  7. heRn

    heRn New Member

    For me, its not working anymore.
  8. # VALERY

    # VALERY Member

    Some bugs:
    1. When you surrendering you can press ctrl + shift + space and start walk
    2. Sometimes animation broken with fifts i guess(its look awful)
  9. Arttu motskari

    Arttu motskari New Member

  10. so did this give you the ability to change the function keys?

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