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The DarkRP Server You've Been Waiting For

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Logic XXVI, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Logic XXVI

    Logic XXVI New Member

    The DarkRP server you’ve been waiting for.

    [US] AGG | 70+ Jobs | Unbox | Suits | AdvDupe2 | WireMod | Gangs | Purge


    Gametracker - https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

    Steam Group [with Rewards] - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/aggrp

    Discord - https://discord.gg/3pg22es

    Forums - https://actuallygoodgaming.mistforums.com/


    To start, this is our second time owning a server, but the first one was closed down due to personal circumstances. After months of planning, coding, and setting up we have finally finished the greatest server on Garry’s Mod. Actually Good Gaming. After returning to Garry’s Mod from a short hiatus we noticed no server that had it all. Fun gameplay features, competent and fun staff, Unique ideas and perspectives, Mature and engaged management and finally a good atmosphere to enjoy yourself in. We became dismayed with these servers and presumed other players felt the same so we decided to create a server of our own that is by the people and for the people. Our goal is to bring back the golden age of DarkRP when it was about fun and not shitty staff and screaming kids. We have taken a sarcastic and light hearted approach to the server which can be appreciated in small stuff like the job descriptions and all the up to large things like the rules. We wanted to make the best server on gmod not just in terms of gameplay but also community so that's why we created Actually Good Gaming. We have experience in Garry’s mod dating back to 2015 so we know the ins and outs of the game and how to manage a successful server. We have tried to address all the common faults of your average Garry’s Mod server such as overpowered items, people who complain too much, copy and pasted ideas, shady management, and players feeling powerless. Another problem we would like to address is pay to win servers. This puts those who don’t have the available funds at a huge disadvantage so to alleviate that we made everything attainable through just pure gameplay. Another huge problem in the Garry’s Mod Community is incompetent or flat out abusive staff so we put a huge emphasis on having staff who want to help. The job of a staff member is not to punish players for mistakes but to make the server more fun and enjoyable for all. Everyone on the server has a say in the server’s affairs. This is the players’ server as much as it is ours and we feel players aren’t properly given representation when it comes to server decisions and that should be addressed. We are just starting out on the server and we need a playerbase who enjoys DarkRP for what it is. Without a consistent player base there is no server to begin with so we are asking for your help. Players love to complain about there being no good servers but here is one, don’t let it die because of no playerbase. I promise the server will not fail due to lack of effort on our part and we will do everything in our power to make this server thrive for years to come. With that being said if you like DarkRP you’ll love this modern classic take on it. Join us today!


    At this point we have both a point shop and two VIP levels. We recognise there's a bad stigma in the DarkRP community when it comes to these things, but we however need donations to keep afloat and to get new addons we cannot afford to pay for the server indefinitely. With that being said, we have tried our best to balance it and not make it give such a huge advantage to players so that those who cannot spare that money are completely outmatched. Even without donating you can still attain the VIP ranks, Perma Weapons, and Different boost through pure gameplay and time alone as well as you can be given certain perks (like VIP) just for being a valued member of our community.

    Economy and Gameplay

    Arguably the most important aspect of DarkRP is the economy. The economy is well thought out and has fun things to spend money on. There are Deathcards, Accessories, Cases to unbox, soon to be titles and many more. You can even buy credits to get donor items and ranks.(our pointshop). There are also many ways to make money. Nearly every job has a consistent, fun way to make money wether it be gaining money for arresting people or even growing illicit drugs and printing money.


    We place a huge emphasis on staff on our server. Staff are the face of the server and should be held to a high standard. Staff are expected to be completely competent in their job and fun players to be around as well. Staff who are mad at the world and take out their frustration on players are not welcome here, as well as staff who are biased towards their friends and allies. Staff are to be unbiased and here to not only moderate the server but to enhance the fun of players. The management is also a part of the community. We want to enjoy the server like you guys and girls. We are not going to be running it from the shadows, and we will be an engaged part of the community. The goal is to make a great server, not money.

    Rules and Punishments

    Rules are a double edged sword. They are to protect the players and make sure everything runs smoothly but they can also feel constricting. On our server we have taken a different approach to rules. The rules are meant to be a baseline as to what you can and cannot due on the server but there are not unnecessary rules that are made to limit players. We also handle punishments unorthodoxly too. If something was truly done by mistake being punished for it doesn’t help anyone it just ruins the gameplay experience. Players are held accountable for their actions; they just aren’t needlessly banned or punished for an honest mistake. As long as you are not harming the dynamic or hurting the experience for other players there is no problem.


    When it comes to balancing we have taken a game designer stance. Everything has a counter. Countless hours have been spent making sure nearly everything has some sort of counter or way around it. No more overpowered items that ruin the server and have no way around them. The weapons we have are M9K and nearly every weapon from the addon is available in some form or another. As for defense we have kevlar armors which help, but do not make you invincible. We also have suits but they are well balanced and not overpowered. You are not invincible in them and they are rare. You will not see every player running around in one.


    On this server we value complete transparency and honesty. No shady practices or actions. We have a spreadsheet with all of our planned addons and gameplay features as well as the prices and the priority of the corresponding addons. This is to make sure your money is going to a good cause and not the owner’s wallet.

    Unique Jobs

    We have over 70+ jobs to meet all your roleplaying needs. Every job has a specific niche plus pros and cons. There is no end all be all job that is overpowered or overused. There are also plenty of unique jobs that you won't find on any other servers. This makes our server truly unique. We also place precedence on Government jobs, it is common that all government jobs are underpowered and unfun, but that is not how they should be. They keep law and order on the streets and they should have strong gear to help that. That being said they are not overpowered in any way but they can contest the other jobs.


    Maturity is arguably one of the most important aspects of a good server staff and management. We are all mature individuals who have years of experience and a desire to make the server great. This is not a server run by preteens nor is it run by a thirty year old who is out of touch.

    Laid Back Fun Pace

    Good for new players, experienced players, and everyone in between. We place more of an emphasis on fun and enjoying yourself and less of an emphasis on punishments and needless rules. Enjoy the game however you like as long as it is not hurting the experience for other players.









    Balanced Police

    Oil Drilling

    Cool Printers



    Credit Store

    Donations earnable in game


    SH’s Accessories

    Supply Crate Robbery

    Vault Robbery


    JOIN US!

    Everyone complains about DarkRP being terrible and theres no good server, but we have spent hundreds of hours refining this server into the best that it can be. The most common complaints about DarkRP in 2020 have been alleviated and the server has been designed to be for everyone. You like to build? Great! The building rules are lax and there is a high prop limit. You like being a cop? Great! Police are well balanced and thought out. Making drugs and living a life of crime is your forte? Great! This is a server made for everyone from the newest player to veterans playing the game for 5+ years. If you need a new server and you like classic DarkRP this server will be your new home.


    We are a chill server that wants to create a classic, laid back experience for its players. We are willing to change the server up according to what the playerbase wants and are always looking for new ideas. We put gameplay and fun on top of everything else in our server so we will find other ways to spice it up. We have chill staff that we make sure dont become too power-hungry, incompetent, or abusive and ruining the experience for others. Everything is well thought out and has been balanced accordingly. Nothing is unmatchable or overpowered. If you are looking for a new home on DarkRP, this is your server.

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