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The Homie Hangout

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by ler0ytjee, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. ler0ytjee

    ler0ytjee New Member

    The Homie Hangout is a beginning Darkrp server made by people with server hosting experience.
    we're not here to profit from your donations, we are here to create a great server.
    we are not hungry for money, we do are hungry for deticated staff members and players who want to support us to become a thriving server.
    as of this moment, the server isn't that populated since our old friends have moved on from GMOD and we
    prefer to build a community the nice way, not trough cutthroat advertisements or spamming our names everywhere on gmod trough minging or any other immoral methods.

    As of now we dont have anything completely custom or selfmade, but we're working on implementing new content when our server gets populated enough to the point that my own attendance isnt required anymore to support the playercount.

    But this is what we offer right now:
    • Bank heists
    • Free Advanced duplicator
    • precision alignment
    • classic adverts
    • PAC3 and E2, sadly they are donator restricted, we love to make them free, but they are too abuse able to allow them for everyone, altho were looking into restricting them to the point that we can release them to everyone, while the donators can still experience the entire addon.
    • Cars
    • MKX ragdoll fighting arena
    • Events (admin made)
    • We have more content, but most of them are the same on other servers, and I dont watn to throw every seperate entity in here
    This isn't much what we offer right now, but I can tell you how we ruling the server and our priorities:
    • we focus on enjoyment more, we dont want you to join the server to play darkrp over and over again, we want to host events and do custom events like the MKX ragdoll fighting addon, boss kill events and eventually a dueling system.
    • we're working towards changing our server to what FPtje's vision of darkrp, less admin intervention, more player controlled roleplay, you can be a scammer, but dont come crying when the entire server hates you for doing it. its a cutthroat world out here, but you're not rewarded for being a dick.
    Our download time is around 10m due to fastDL
    but the next download will be around 2 minutes depending on your location.
    We're a new server with few players, we're searching for admins and regulars, but dont be afraid to join and peek around for a moment!

    Website: https://www.thehomiehangout.com
    Server: visit the website and click on the gametracker image, you'll get a prompt to launch gmod and join the server (no gametracker app needed)


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