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[UK/EU] ExodusRP | 100% custom [RP_EvoCity_v4b1][Semi-Serious] | ExodusRoleplay.org

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by [L²:RP] Vimpto, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    Ever wanted a server that's not about who can get the best money, best car and have the most kills? Ever wanted a server that aims for a realistic roleplay experience with a mixture of passive and aggressive RP with custom rewards for roleplay properly? You've come to the right place! Exodus Roleplay is a custom Roleplay server on the EvoCity v4b1 map, we aim to give you a realistic roleplay experience, unlike most servers which pack their servers with 50+ jobs and a ton of GmodStore addons. We offer 22 different jobs, all of which have a certain purpose. They range from Government to Merchants to Underground

    What if I want to roleplay as something else? You can use the /job command as a Citizen, for example, if you wanted to be an F.B.I Agent you can go Citizen and type /job F.B.I Agent and equip your own weaponry and have a staff member change your model. We do not need to overload the server with useless jobs when there is a /job command. We like to listen to our community and we are open to all ideas. Unlike most Owner's, I am dedicated to making this successful and will be as active as I can unlike most who just sit on CS:GO hoping their server will gain players magically

    What do we have to offer?

    Here is just a few examples and screenshots:
    • Custom locations system to help you find out where you are on the map. For example, if I was in the park it would display like this on my HUD:[​IMG]
    • You have an unlimited job character limit.
    • A custom made HUD, Scoreboard & F1 Menu. Our HUD: [​IMG] Our Scoreboard: [​IMG] Our F1 Menu: [​IMG]
    • Our custom police locker (In the works).

    We do not overload our servers with useless GmodStore addons like most servers do and keep our download time to a minimum. Our staff team is trained to deal with situations in a mature way and aren't like most gmod power hungry staff who call you out on every mistake and punish you. We are welcoming to new players and do not call them out on every tiny mistake, we give them a quick reminder and let them learn.
    We do not overload our server with useless ranks such as `Head admin` and `Head of head admin` we have a basic rank structure as follows:

    [​IMG] - Manages the staff team
    [​IMG] - Basically, the owner's assistants, help deal with internal issues/conflicts
    [​IMG] - Active members of the community who help deal with issues in-game.
    [​IMG] - Receive the same permissions as an Administrator except they help the server with development.
    [​IMG] - The trial rank, this is the stage which users are promoted to first as a trial, they are monitored heavily and have limited powers.
    [​IMG] - A Teacher is there to support other users and help them as well as encourage roleplay. They have access to certain commands such as set model, give roleplay point and roleplay announce.
    [​IMG] - Is the first stage a developer goes through, you can apply for this role on the forums. They will then go onto the developer rank.

    [​IMG] - An ex staff member.

    Most servers currently brag about having 40 jobs and a ton of gmodstore addons, we are steering away from that at all costs, we have been working on Exodus since April 2018 and we hope the end product is successful and fun for all.

    We will be releasing within a matter of weeks!
    Find out more information here:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/H4katKX

    Forums: http://exodusroleplay.org/
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018

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