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[UK/EU] Saturn Gaming: Lawless RP

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Spookberry, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Spookberry

    Spookberry New Member


    Server Introduction:
    We all know how hard and difficult it is to find an actual fun and interesting DarkRP server that we are willing to spend our time on. Too often have we seen servers filled to the brim with 100's of useless addons, about 400 jobs that are all the same or are just complete filler wasting space in the workshop pack, or greedy server owners looking to make a quick buck with about 20 VIP++++++++ (EXTREME) Donator packs that basically take all of the challenge away and make you a literal god just because you have deeper pockets and more money to waste then someone else.

    For all these reasons above is why I decided to try and make another DarkRP server. Well.. What makes us so different you say? Well, here is some brief bullet-points:

    • Our workshop pack is not bloated to the absolute max with trash addons that have no use on the server.
    • We try our absolute best to keep staff intervention on the server as low as possible. We will only step in when the players themselves cannot overcome something that has nothing to do with the ongoing rp (Stuff like propblocking, DDOS threats, hacking etc.)
    • And to add on to our last point, our admin team will try their absolute best to try and catch the culprit in the act, and not bring him to some rooftop for investigation as that, in our opinion solves nothing and is just a time waste.
    • We try our best to balance the economy so that the loose rules of the Lawless system can work correctly. We do this by making sure that the prices of Shipments are high so that gun's actually feel like you earned them when you bought them.
    • We have an in-game party system so players can team up and trust each-other without worries of being betrayed.
    • We have 4 ways of gaining money, 2 illegal and 2 Legal (Depending on the Mayor), these include; Bitcoin mining, Plant Growing, Making Cocaine and of course, Printers, this allows players who really put in the effort to gain money are rewarded instead of just buying VIP+++++GOLD packages and then never having to worry about money ever again.
    • We do not allow people to donate for any sort of staff role, this makes sure that each staff member we recruit is mature, knowledgeable and understands what he is doing and his role on the server.
    • Each of our job's has an actual purpose. We believe heavily in quality over quantity in terms of job's, so we try our best so that each job feels unique and interesting instead of having 400 jobs with the same idea but with just a different name.
    • When we introduce our donation system you will not gain any sort of money, weapon or advantage over other player's, at most you will be able to play as the National Guard, a military force that guards the city. We believe it is unfair for people to gain an advantage over normal players, and we want to give everybody an even playing field, but we need donations to keep the server running and to make sure we can afford quality plugins.
    If you feel like any of those points tickle your fancy then we would love to see you hop on and play on the server. We are currently looking for staff members as it is just me and my co-owner as of now.


    IP address to server:

    Workshop Content:

    (Please note, our server still has features to add and may be different by the time you are reading this post)
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018

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