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[UK & US] Exploding Barrel's DarkRP | M9K | VCMod | Drugs | And more...

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by BarrelBombing, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. BarrelBombing

    BarrelBombing New Member

    Exploding Barrel's DarkRP was founded 3rd December 2016 by BarrelBombing. Before opening a DarkRP server, he had owned a prop hunt server under the same name as Exploding Barrel's. The DarkRP server is open 24/7 with the latest addons and content installed.

    We are currently hiring staff by through staff applications. Requirements are on our forum and the application process can be seen on our forum by clicking here.

    Got any suggestions or feedback? Tell any of your local administrators and they will consider this feedback. Alternativly, you can use our forum to suggest ideas for new addons and plugins. Thank you for your support and dedication!

    If your wondering what stuff we have so far on the server, I'm going to list them. We have the following;

    • VCMod
    • GDrugs
    • M9K
    • Bank Vault
    • Boombox
    • Presents (Christmas event)
    • And much much more..

    Come join the fun on the server and make some friends.

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