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We are in need of Developers!

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by WilliamFarmery10, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. WilliamFarmery10

    WilliamFarmery10 New Member

    As you have most likely read, we are in need of developers. Whilst particularly skills in GLua, we are also looking for modellers.

    Whilst we are looking for developers, we mean those with a talent to create ‘Clientside’ scripts/entities or whatever we need.
    Giving us scripts, or filling out job files isn’t enough.

    Being a developer on our server grants you access to some backend information, whilst also developing and making Adrenaline better. Including this, you will have many resources at hand in order to help you and make your life easier.
    You will have consistent support if needed, and you will be granted a tag on the forums, including a new physics gun and a higher prop limit for our gratitude.
    Including this, you will receive a special icon to signify your position in-game.

    As for the community?
    We are a Semi-Serious CityRP server. With a lot of our features custom, including a custom Administration Plugin, logging system, weed system and UI, we strive to make things custom for the players.

    Keep in mind, you will not get FTP access initially.

    Interested in development?
    Please view this thread:
  2. WilliamFarmery10

    WilliamFarmery10 New Member

    The member count doesn't really mean much, considering the majority of the players dont use forums. And, we changed forum system a while ago.

    Thanks anyway!

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