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What's your opinion on Lawless vs Semi Serious and Serious?

Discussion in 'Player General Chat' started by Brittishjelyfish (dcm), Apr 8, 2017.


What's your preffered gametype?

  1. Lawless

  2. Semi-Serious

  3. Serious

  1. I personally run Lawless on my server, because I feel it will be more fun, but I haven't heard much from other people and have never had more than ~7 people on my server at a time, so I was wondering what the community thought about it.
    What's your opinion on the Lawless ruleset?

    Link for the Uninformed:
  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Huh, I hadn't seen that steam post. I should read it some time, probably tomorrow.
  3. I highly reccomend it, it's heavily inspired by the "Formula for a good DarkRP server" doc you made.

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