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Wierd Error being thrown out

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by Brine, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Brine

    Brine New Member

    [ERROR] Lua is unable to understand file "darkrp_customthings/shipments.lua" because its author made a mistake around line number 478.
    The best help I can give you is this:

    There is an opening '{' bracket at line 474, but this bracket is never closed or not closed in time. It was expected to be closed before the 'amount' at line 478.

    - Did you forget a comma?
    - All open brackets ({, (, [) must have a matching closing bracket. Are you sure it's there?
    - Brackets must be opened and closed in the right order. This will work: ({}), but this won't: ({)}.

    ------- End of Simplerr error -------

    DarkRP.createShipment("Mossberg 590", {
    model = "models/weapons/w_mossberg_590.mdl",
    entity = "m9k_mossberg590",
    price = 40000,
    amount = 10,
    seperate = false,
    pricesep = 500,
    noship = false,
    allowed = {TEAM_GUN} --474--
    DarkRP.createShipment("Pancor Jackhammer", {
    model = "models/weapons/w_pancor_jackhammer.mdl", --478--
    entity = "m9k_jackhammer",
    price = 50000,
    amount = 10,
    seperate = false,
    pricesep = 500,
    noship = false,
    allowed = {TEAM_GUN}
  2. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    There are no issues with those two shipments. Simplerr isn't 100% accurate. Check for previous errors prior to those and also paste your whole shipment file into the code tag
    Code (Text):
  3. Brine

    Brine New Member

  4. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    I do not see anything wrong at all with a quick skim... But why the hell do you have like 100+ weapons? Lol... I would double check to make sure you do not have 2 of the same entity. Although, I do not believe that would cause an error.
    Quangasaurusrex likes this.
  5. davidk911

    davidk911 Member

    First of all kudos on your effort, that musta took a damn long time. Start from the very first bracket and go through them in pairs either by counting or what i do is say to myself open, closed if that pattern gets broken before you get to the bottom u got an issue and will find it, assuming the debuging was right and this is todo with a bracket, whenether i have had this error ive always found a bracket somewhere xD

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