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[WIP] R3IGN.com DarkRP

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Quangasaurusrex, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. This thread is to get the point across, so as simple as it may seem, it will give the same point as if I were to put the words into a bunch of complicated synonyms and whatever you call it. That and reading is boring, you and me both know it, so I made it short.


    Hi :D. If you do not know what our purpose is as a community, it is
    • Let players have fun and to make new friends
    • Give players a chance to "detach" from the real world
    • Remove stress, real-life difficulties you may have, and overall life problems.
    • To not be every typical darkrp server (aka 99% of addons are from gmodstore/workshop) [Now I'm not saying it is bad, its just what most darkrp servers are, and I want to change that]
    Now, I have met friends from various servers, and they have been my closest friends. The R3IGN community is basically what I have had with various servers, except I want it to be like that for everyone. I want a community where people will talk to others, play other games with them, and so on and so forth.
    Why you should join

    Well, I don't really want a why you should join, but I assumed it was appropriate cause I know people usually ask that.
    Now, it really isn't a "Why should I join?", more of a, do you want to join. In my opinion, it sounds forceful (it might just be me, like, YOU SHOULD JOIN THIS SERVER CAUSE blah blah blah). I want a group of people who are willing to not be rude all of the time (yknow, the salt crackers). Again, I dream of a community where everyone is willing to be friends, get to know each other, and the usual.

    Plans for the future

    Our plans for the future is actually just to get more people, and add more stuff to the server over the course of time. There really isn't anything else that can be said other than that. We will change forums, add more stuff to the server overtime, and such.

    Q:Why isn't the IP in the forum post?
    A:If people really cared about joining, they would join the community (forums,teamspeak/discord).
    Q:Can't people just stop by and play on the server once to see if they like it?
    A:Well, we don't have a "big" Community, so you wouldn't play with anyone.

    Forums: R3IGN.com (We plan to change the forums, looks can be deceiving ;))
    Discord: discord.me/r3ign (We plan to switch to teamspeak once we get a "bigger" community.
  2. Nobody 2

    Nobody 2 New Member

    After all those comments on everyone's posts you come up with this, nice.
    1. IP isn't on forums or discord and i asked you for it directly and you didn't want to give it because your friend/Co Owner don left. I eventually got it by asking don in dms when he cam back...
    2. Interrogation on join where I'm asked questions like "Who are you?"and told "Answer me" because I said I am me, how else should i answer that :/? You eventually cleared the chat of everything that was said because i reminded you of this post you posted here with links...
      Also tested this on an alt to see if it was common practice....same story but now by don who I'm guessing is Co Owner but this time it started because i asked about his questionable comment [​IMG]
      I was then set to the role Skid after he ignored my questions about it....i told him like i told quang about the post and he apologised and cleared that chat of that too lol
    3. Might as well use mistforums till your actual forums is actually nice or done
    4. Not a very good first impression from this post and on join makes it even worse because it's run by toxic people.
      " I want a group of people who are willing to not be rude all of the time (yknow, the salt crackers). Again, I dream of a community where everyone is willing to be friends, get to know each other, and the usual." how can you want this and have that same salty & toxic attitude towards other people that just join and have a co owner like that too?
  3. Alright, I don't understand the grudge you hold against me, I really don't. but here are my responses (here we goooo)
    1) IP Isn't on there because it is not ready to be played yet. It even states in the forum post, you would have nobody to play with, and why would I give the IP to someone who randomly joins, who doesnt state himself, and spews out idiotic comments?
    2) You were acting idiotic - Like, extra idiotic than the average player, I ask who you are, you respond with "I am me" or something like that. You could have said, I am Nobody 2 from the Darkrp forums. Also, Don wasnt referring to you, as it states "irl", as he was talking about someone in his life. Would it be any better if he said this guy is being a caucasian rn? I understand that the "N" word is a slang in society, people just take it offensively, that and it is not me, so you should not be referring to me.
    3) There is no need for us to change forums.
    4) Not a very good first impression? I recall thats what i said to you. Run by toxic *people*? You mean the one guy who referred to an irl friend as the n word? Also, you used a proxy/vpn, which is clearly against discord rules (TOS).

    Also this https://gyazo.com/e8106e991cff282d32bcf6c948bd7120
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  4. Nobody 2

    Nobody 2 New Member

    1. Having nobody to play with and not being ready to be played on are 2 different things :/ e.g. a dead/new community with a ready server but no playerbase. I randomly joined like anyone else would to find out about the server, you did post the link in the introduction??? Asking me to state myself on joining lmao I was just a user that joined the only comments that were idiotic were yours, isn't that why you apologised and deleted it all ?
    2. I didn't have to say my name because i dont have to no idea why your irrational behavior towards strangers makes you think i'm idiotic, why post the link if you don't want strangers to join? I also never said don was talking about me I questioned him about what he said, I don't need to know how you feel about the word but he is management and saying it. Which was also deleted lol
    3. I'm just giving criticism on your forums the layout and color scheme isn't nice at all imo
    4.Toxic people yes as in both of you, you both aren't friendly and just insult and belittle people
    what vpn?

    All that picture shows is that Don doesn't do well with strangers/new people and what exactly would you be showing me on a server that "is not ready to be played yet"
  5. DonAlCapone

    DonAlCapone New Member

    Seems legitimate, Seems like you have some salt towards us because @Quangasaurusrex post a comment you didnt like on your post here. I'm pretty sure you can ask anyone that knows me about me and the word toxic wouldn't ever come out of their mouth. To address your third second point we don't act irrational toward new people. Just ones that make dumb responses in our discord server, of course your screenshot doesn't show that. Your one of the salt crackers he's talking about in his OP. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Have a nice day.
  6. Nobody 2

    Nobody 2 New Member

    My reply on your intro about the trash i was met with = me being salty, sure my guy. It couldn't possibly be that your fault. Try as much as you want the comment you made on the discord wasn't right(in the screenshot) and neither was the response or you wouldn't have apologised twice when i dmed. Whether or not i'm someone who knows you doesn't matter, if your actions were toxic you're toxic to me. You are the salt crackers you don't want in your "community" maybe if you both didn't delete chat after apologising you'd have screenshots of that. Have a nice day too.
    DonAlCapone likes this.
  7. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    Wow, such drama on this introduction thread. Let us talk about kittens, do you like kittens? Check this out!
  9. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    I liek turtles

    seriously tho, what's the big deal. The guy didn't even finish or become close to finishing his server. Why are you treating him as if hes part of the big server men. He's probably just a guy tryna make a unique server but hasn't finished yet. Also... what the hell does a forum theme have to do with deciding if a forum software is good or not. Why suggest OP to change to another forum software because of a (in your opinion) ugly theme. If you don't like how a group does their community, then make your own and show them what's up. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time trying to derail a guy's nonexistent community (it's probably just OP and his friends atm). Yes, you can always give constructive criticism, but I have not seen anything you posted that's constructive criticism. All I have seen is unnecessary defamation and drama.

    Also, if this is the first time you seen people act rude towards you and say *racist* remarks for no reason, welcome to the internet and 2017. It's up to you to feel offended or not.
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  10. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    WIP = Work In Progress

    Not to mention, this introduction thread does in fact have more effort put into it then most.
  11. Nobody 2

    Nobody 2 New Member

    So if he's trying to make a unique server it doesn't matter how the actual owners are or how they react? nice nice, i don't have to start a community to let someone else know about their own :/ how is this unnecessary defamation? I posted what i experienced,you think just because it's the internet racist and toxic things/actions should be accepted by all lol
    I know the server is a wip but are the owner's attitudes too? If you guys don't care about what I said then fine but that was still my experience on joining the discord not even the server

    I will stop replying here now...
  12. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    I have no idea about what is going on between you guys nor, is it even any of my business. I just simply quoted "After all those comments on everyone's posts you come up with this, nice.".
  13. Dr.Doggo

    Dr.Doggo New Member

    Toxic people are not nice >:^(

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