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XtremeIdiots UCF MilRP|FastDL|WAC|Grand Opening!

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by CallMeBoi, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. CallMeBoi

    CallMeBoi New Member

    Xtreme Idiots Presents....

    United Citizen Federation Military RP!

    Server IP: -- Max of 32, to be upgraded to 64.

    Xtreme Idiots UCF RP is a PMC based military server. We are based after the year of 2035. Our server has a multitude of things to offer!

    WAC Aircraft
    Valid Rank Structure
    Customized GUI's
    TFA Weapons
    Highly Experienced Staff (We've all played nutscript/clockwork immensely)
    Low wait times for so called "Training" (Ours is completely short. Forget waiting 30 minutes)
    Unique promotion/play experience
    Lively RP/Roll for RP situations!

    I have even taken it upon myself to create lore/backstory for those interested. I also am in the middle of starting the server files for nutscript, so we may move away from DarkRP base soon!

    Discord: Here

    Teamspeak: Here
    Website: Here

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